The challenge was to launch a new offering for McDonald’s and get people to create and build their own burgers from 31 fresh ingredients.

In the first social only campaign by McDonald’s that wasn’t supported by above-the-line advertising, we partnered with over 65 Kiwi influencers and challenged them to create their own burgers.

Their creations were then promoted across their social channels, providing word of mouth endorsement in authentic voices.

This content was supported by snackable micro-content on the McDonald’s page that adapted the brand’s tone to a social forum, generating thousands of likes and masses of positive sentiment.

To tailor the content to our audience, we went one step further.  We created sponsored posts targeted at each McDonald’s community.  We designed creative with juicy burgers overlaid with the suburb name for more than 70 McDonald’s locations in New Zealand, boosting these out through geotargeted posts to encourage people to visit their local branch.

  • The influencer campaign was so successful that it was awarded:
  • Supreme Awards PRINZ, 2016
  • Gold, PRINZ Awards, 2016
  • Silver, Beacons Media Awards, 2016
  • Gold Marketing Awards, 2016